“…. we stole on you, while you weren’t looking we were cooking and we stole on you.”

Is a very common cheer I hear at softball parks around the country. Usually recited with glee just after a wild pitch or a past ball. While exciting for your team,┬áthe reality is that that isn’t a stolen base they are merely gifts. The pitcher or catcher saw you on base and thought “she is such a nice girl I’d like to give her the advantage of the next base.”

Gifts in softball are rare and beneficial so I sure recommend you take them, but I’d also like to see you develop┬áthe attitude that you actually want to “steal” the next base instead of waiting around for gifts. By that I mean you should look the pitcher/catcher right in the eye and give them the look that says “I’m going to take that next base right out from under you. I know you don’t want me to take it, I know you are going to make a good through, I know your fielder will catch it and will try to tag me, but guess what … I’m going to steal it from you anyway and I will be safe.”

Those girls that are truly aggressive on the bases become weapons that can produce runs and help their teams win the short game. If you need help developing the skills to give you that confidence be sure and check out my Winning the Short Game or Get Dirty DVD’s. They wil help you conquer the fears you may have about sliding or diving that are holding you back from being the run scoring machine that you want to be.

The great news is that even though the opposing catcher my cry once you become a truly aggressive baserunner they can’t call the police, because “stealing” bases is totally legal.

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