I was just reminiscing tonight about the classic romantic comedy “Pretty Woman.” The movie begins and ends with the exact same line “Welcome to hollywood. Everybody has a dream. What’s your dream?”

The same could be said about fastpitch softball. Every player out there has a dream. The problem is that many of them just never admit their dreams. They hold them in for fear that others will laugh at them and tell them that their dreams aren’t “realistic.” There are 3 things that I’d like each player out there to consider:

1. Your dreams don’t have to be realistic. They are your dreams, and your dreams alone.

2. Your dreams will remain just that … “dreams”, until you’ve written them down and comitted to yourself that you will make them come true.

3. Nobody but you can determine how much work you will put into making your dreams come true.

Whether you dream about being a starter for your high school, getting a full ride to play ball in college, or  becoming the next Crystl Bustos, Jennie Finch of Caitlyn Lowe then I urge you to take the time write your dreams down on some type of paper or index card, wrap them up in a plastic lunch bag and duct tape that bag inside your bat bag. Once you write it down you then have one of 2 choices every single time you see it and you are at practice or a game:

1. You can bust your chops to make the dreams come true regardless of what type of practice you have or how the coach/parents are treating you that day. It’s your dream and you should be willing to work hard for it.

2. You can settle for them just being dreams and do only what others do. Most people don’t reach their dreams, because they aren’t willing to work hard enough to accomplish them.

So I’d like to close this evening and turn out the lights with a simple “Welcome to fastpitch softball. Everybody has a dream. What’s your dream?”

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