Not sure if there are words enough to explain the emotional high that I get from working at camps like the one I was at this weekend. What a thrill to work with players that just internally “want it” and are willing to put themselves into your care to help them get there.

During my sliding instruction one coach came running out of the stands (literally) and started jumping up and down with a player after she slid. I gave them both a look like “what is that all about?” And he said “you have no idea how huge that is … this girl has never slid in her life. She should have had 2 inside the park home runs last fall, but got tagged out on both because she wouldn’t slide.” By the end of the session this same girl became by far the best slider in the group. Her entire outlook changed for the rest of the day, she knew should could start attacking instead of being timid on the bases.

During a speed training session I focused on core training exercises and really pushed the girls hard. Everyone of them stepped up to the challenge the entire way. The final exercise at the end of a grueling 40 minutes of other drills was a V-Sit. I first had the girls do it for 30 seconds. Then I asked them how to tough it was. They all said it was tough. I agreed. Then I asked if they were willing to do it again though to show the college coaches how much they wanted it. They all said sure. Then I asked if they would you do it for an entire minute. They all said that they would try. I said “there is no trying, there is either doing or not doing, then I asked again.” They all agreed that they would make it for 1 minute. I said Ok that’s a deal. Then I said “I’d like to see the girls that WOULD make it for 1:15. Only perhaps 15 girls said that they could. Then I went to 1:30. About 10 said that they could. Then I said I wasn’t surprised. But what I really wanted to know is if the young lady who had stood out the day before was willing to do it for 2 full minutes. She said that she would. I explained that I would call out the times and when I got to the time that they agreed to that they should stop. They set a goal, and should feel great that they hit it. We got to 1:00 and the girls who committed stopped. We got to 1:15 and others did the same. At 1:30 girls stopped, but a few kept going. Not only did they keep going they started encouraging the girl that I had called out and said “you can do it. We are here for you. We aren’t going to leave you alone.” At 2:00 they all collapsed and so did my heart. As much as I love the game, and as many girls as I’m around, I absolutely love it when there are some girls that can just absolutely blow away any expectations that even I have set. That was one of those times.

If you are a coach that is reading this I encourage you to keep your heart opened. I realize that there are a lot of bad things that happen and our hearts are broken. But if you keep looking there are going to be more girls that come into your life that will reward you by just doing something amazing that makes you so happy just to be around them and be a part of a moment like that.

If you are a player reading this I encourage you to continue digging deep within yourself. Challenge yourself to go way beyond the limits you’ve placed on yourself. And to step up at a crucial time like above and not worry about your pain, but instead reach out and lift that other player on the team who is struggling. Be the player who blesses others including your coaches.

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