I wasn’t really sure myself until this weekend. Samantha Banister (formerly of The University of Arizona, 2 time Women’s College World Series Champion, and professional softball player with the Akron Racers) came to town for my cross training softball camp. There is no question in anyones mind about what kind of athlete Sam is, as she has proven that she is top notch. However, my wife and I had a dinner planned with her and I fully expected to discover a really “gritty” kind of girl who was all about softball and would represent my typical “Get Dirty” motto.

Instead what we discovered was an amazing young lady in Sam who we now know to be a true “girly-girl.” There is no question that between the lines the “ball player” in her will kick some butt, but she’ll also look good while she’s doing it. So how “girly” is girly? Well for Sam that involves designing her own cleats for next year which will be white/pink and have rhinestones. She’s already designed her own brand of headbands with some friends, her color of choice … Pink of course. She’s also designin a line of sports bras for softball players complete with a compartment to hold chapstick. No I’m not kidding, according to her it’s a must. She has short hair but in games you’ll see her with long french braids or pony tails. How? Hair extensions because as she puts it “you have to look on national tv.”

So why am I posting a blog about something like this? Because I’m all about girls being “tough” between the lines. But that means that they need to focus and they need to commit their heart. It doesn’t mean that they have to leave their feminine side at the door on their way to the field. It was very refreshing to meet a player who proves that you can be the best at both. So for all of you “girly-girls” out there you just keep being yourselves. Nothing like adding insult to injury by having a pink bow in your hair, chapstick on, wearing makeup and having pink cleats when you jack one over the fence.

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