The first thing I go through will all of my players is a mental exercise where I get them to realize that they alone are responsible for their effort and their attitude. That no matter what goes on around them, no matter who says/does what around them they must concentrate on doing their absolute best on the next play at hand.

I find myself really struggling this week not to be a hypocrite. You see we have had so much rain lately that everything I have had scheduled has been rained out, and it looks like more of the same for this upcoming weekend. I find myself really struggling to stay positive and part of me just wants to give up and say forget it. Yet the other part of me really wants to come through this difficult time still focused and still giving my best so that I’m better able to help these precious players that God has blessed me with.

So this week my hat goes off to:
Those players out there that are able to maintain the 6 inches between your ears despite everything else that goes on around them.
Those players out there that are able to open their hearts and risk it all game after heart breaking game.

Y’all are an inspiration to me not to give up even though all of my plans are being rained on.

Category : Mental advice