No I’m not sick.
No nobody hit me in the head during lessons.

The reason that I enjoyed it was that I got to see the look on Brittany Osmon’s face when she found her wedding dress. Brittany was an amazing ball player on the field before college and during her career at Florida State, but more importantly she is a wonderful person off the field. She has tremendous faith in God, and is just a shear joy to be around. So while my heart ached that the camp got rained out, it was filled to overflowing with the knowledge that Brittany found the dress she will wear as she begins her new life as Mrs. Graham Gano.

Sometimes it’s important for us to realize that the fields will be there next week, next month, next year, but there are some moments in life that are just to precious to miss and this was one of them. Go Brittany. You rock.

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