Game 2 for me at yesterday’s Georgia Tech Buzz Classic was between the Georgia State Panthers and the Bowling Green Falcons. I went to college not far from Bowling Green, which is up north in Ohio so I was excited to see them play ball way down here close to my new home. More exciting for me though was watching one of my former students, Emily Althafer, as a collegiate player. When Emily was younger her nickname was Elmo (like the Sesame Street character) but of course I’d never call her that now because she’s all grown up and everything. ;)

As a student Emily was one that worked really, really, really hard. I actually worked with her mother so I got to hear the news really quickly when Coach Heck extended the offer. It was a pleasure to be there and experience signing day with her at North Gwinnett. So you can imagine how much I enjoyed finally having the time free from all of my other activities to get out and see her play. She is quite a young lady. (Of course I say that about all of my girls.)

As background for the picture you’d have to know that Emily played ball for North Gwinnett High School and the young lady to her right is Erin Collins a former rival from Collins Hill High School. In case you were interested … Georgia State beat Bowling Green by a score of 8-0.

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