The third game I got to experience yesterday was against the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets, against the Kentucky Wildcats. I walked over to the field expecting to root for the home town team as usual, but I found myself really hoping that the Kentucky Wildcats would pull the game out.

You see I was amazed by the communication between players in practice. Seriously. I don’t think I’ve ever watched a team go through warmups in “game mode” cheering and encouraging each other the way the Wildcats did. Every great play in practice was accompanied by a “that a girl” or “you are just fast like that Macy” when someone would run a long for a ball during outfield practice. A missed ball, followed by good hussle after the ball would encounter a “that a way to stay with it.” When the coach would hit another one that was fielded, the rest of the girls would come back almost in unison “I knew you’d get it because you are just good like that.” During the game though they played the way you know I love to see the game played … “all out on the bases.” They just ran and ran and ran, they pushed every play and forced Georgia Tech to make every throw. Any bobbles at all ended up earning the Wildcats extra bases.

Near the end of the game, down by 2, with 2 girls on base senior Molly Johnson who had several stolen bases, and legged a double into a triple due to flat out baserunning speed and skill came to the plate. She hit a ball really hard, and flew down the line. Against any other team she probably would have been safe, but an unbelievably strong armed SS Kelsi Weseman made a great play on the ball and just got her out by an inch.

So although I love the home town Yellow Jackets, and had the pleasure of watching one of the greatest hitters in the game, Jen Yee, deep down I was really rooting for the Kentucky Wildcats who had several girls who were DIRTY from head to toe. And you know I DIG THAT.

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