If you know me at all you know that I LOVE teaching girls the game of fastpitch softball. So it may shock you that teaching softball wasn’t the thing that I loved most about the recent softball clinic cruise. The thing that I absolutely enjoyed the most was just getting to see the girls and their families just hanging out and having a good time together.

Usually when I get to see parents it is in between them running one child to one practice, swinging by McDonald’s with the others and then rushing to get to lessons at my house. When I see the girls they’ve been stuck in a mini-van fighting with their little brother/sister for 30 minutes on their way to my house, and they’ve fought with their parents about some school project. On the cruise what I got to see was families coming together and enjoying life for a change instead of being torn apart by the hussle and bussle that surrounds normal life in the fastpitch lane.

While not everyone can afford to do a softball clinic cruise to relax together, I hope that you will consider stopping to smell the roses as a family in some way, shape or form. Set aside one night per week where there is nothing on the calendar but time to just relax together. Go to a park. Or next time you have a softball tournament in another town leave a day early and go do some sight seeing together before the chaos begins. You just might find out that at 2 miles an hour everyone in the family gets along much better than they do at 100 miles an hour.

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