We had instructors from Canada, California, South Carolina and Georgia and players from Alabama, Tennessee and Georgia. The one common factor among all: FUN. In fact it should be illegal, but glad it isn’t, to have as much fun as we had this weekend at my Memorial Weekend Softball Camp.

All of us as instructors were touched by the incredible effort put forth by the players on both days of the camp. Session after session all of the girls dug deep, did what they were asked, then hustled right over to their next session. Yes they were hot. Yes they were sore from crunches, running, diving but they managed to do it all while smiling.

My hat goes off (and shows my bald head) to Howard Kobata, Marc Dagenais, Ashley Tomlinson, Tori Fobb and Keith Prichard for their efforts this weekend. Hopefully the players appreciated the effort that each and every instructor put in to trying to help them develop their skills. It’s easy to just pat girls on the back and move on to the next girl it’s much harder to do what we did in paying individual attention to each player and showing them what they needed to work on and then pushing them to make the improvements.

All in all …. just way to much FUN!!!!

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