I’ve had several people send me updates this week and tell me about the team wide batting slumps that had occurred in games. That’s a common thing I’ve heard throughout the years and finally challenged one of my players today to really think that phrase through. You see …

Teams don’t go up to bat together. In fact a “team” never goes up to bat. The reality is that only individuals go up to bat. Ever. While all individuals do slump occassionaly, the odds that all 9 batters happened to choose the 1 game to be in a slump in are higher than hitting the lottery.

When an entire team doesn’t bat its because 9 individuals were all more worried about what one or multiple others did at bat, than they were focused on their own “individual” at bat. Each one of the 9 girls who take at bats, needs to focus ONLY on their at bat. They need to do “their” job. They can’t help anyone else, and they can’t be helped by anyone else.

The phrase “the team was in a slump” is really just an excuse to point the finger and take the blame of themselves when they’ve placed their focus on what others didn’t accomplish instead of keeping it on what they should have accomplished.

I encourage each of you as players, especially those of you Cross Training players who take lessons with me, to really challenge yourselves. Don’t fall into the trap of “the team is in a slump” because that’s not even possible. Challenge yourself to separate your at bats from others, stay focused, watch the release point for the ball and do your job. If the pitcher is doing something unusual then make the adjustment that “you” need to. Don’t use 8 other players lack of focus be an excuse for you to lose yours.

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