You are dreaming of playing softball in college, but where do you begin? The very first step you need to do is create a Player Profile.

A “Player Profile” is nothing more than a short biography of you as a player. It should tell prospective college coaches:
When you will graduate
Photo of you
What your primary position(s) are
How to reach you and your parents
What your academic history is
Potential college major(s)
The team(s) you are on (both travel and high school)
Accomplishments: Awards you’ve won, national level/exposure tournaments your team has done well in
How to contact your coaches: travel, high school, pitching/batting/catching etc.
Special training you’ve taken like large softball camps/clinics etc.

Your “profile” should take three different forms:
1. You should have a printed copy of your profile available whenever you participate in exposure tournaments, visit colleges or go to camps/clinics with college coaches. While they are more expensive to produce in color, a full color copy will help your profile stand out if coaches obtain a copy.

2. You should retain an electronic copy of your profile so that you can attach it to any/all correspondance with potential college coaches. Your profile is the first thing that prospective coaches will need in order to begin a prospect file about you.

3. You should create an online profile site that is available to any potential coach who is searching for specific players, from specific regions of the country who play particular positions. There are many sites available online which you can use, and some like Recruit Me Now offer you the chance to maintain an online profile completely free of charge.

Optionally you will want to take your marketing efforts to the top level. For a fee many sites, Recruit Me Now included, offer you the opportunity to upload action photos of yourself as well as a skills video. All potential coaches will want to see a skills video of you and having it online provides you the opportunity to simply email a link to the video and provides them a chance to watch it wherever they may be, at anytime they’d like to.

Just click here to review a sample player profile that I have available to help you get started. Once you have completed your profile, don’t hesitate to email me and I would be happy to review it and provide feedback for you before you make the profile public. So stop reading, and get started.

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