I figured with Valentine’s Day fast approaching it would be a great time to ask a rather poignant question … “Are you a Diamond?”

We as coaches are like jewelers.

Jewelers don’t make diamonds, they find them.

They can polish them up.
They can make them look prettier.
But at the end of the day the pretty rock in the ring was already a diamond.

Sometimes glass can be cut to look pretty too.
It can fool those that don’t know what they are really looking for.

So how do you know if you are a diamond or cut glass?
Through testing under pressure.

Every one looks like a diamond when they are winning.
But when the game is 15-0 against your team.
Your coach is yelling at all of you.
Parents are yelling at players for swinging at the wrong pitch.
Or yelling about not swinging at the right pitch.
Even your best friend on the team gives you the
Eye for dropping a popup.
And the pressure is revealing a lot of polished glass around you
Because the pressure is making them all crack.
What I want to know is …..

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