What does GPS Based Goals mean?

If someone said "Here is a blank piece of paper write the directions that will get to your dream vacation spot" you would think they are crazy because your random guesses will get you somewhere but you'll miss your dream vacation. Yet that is exactly happens in many "goal" setting sessions. You are given a blank piece of paper, 15 minutes and told "write some good goals." In this book Coach Ruer and Coach Frei will help you starting thinking about utilizing your goals as the stepping stones to reach your destination like you would use the directions from a GPS. This book will be a valuable tool to help you ...

GPS Based Goals

Is free for a limited time. Free as in it costs you nothing. Hard to believe we know ... but wait there is more. It also has a money back guarantee if the book fails to help you chart your course, doesn't help you develop smarter more meaningful goals or for whatever reason doesn't hold your interest as you learn the insights it provides. No paying for shipping and handling to return it either. Simply delete the book from your computer or mobile device for a full refund. That's right we are so confident that this book will help build better players for the sport that we love we are willing to refund your entire purchase price of zero dollars and zero cents. You have absolutely nothing to lose and so much to gain. You are going to be practicing, conditioning, training and playing the game anyway so why not do it with a purpose. Why not transition from a girl who plays softball to a player who is pursuing her dreams through the sport.

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